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What we did

Complete Brand Identity

From logo design, color scheme and typography to webdesign, UI and printed material, we have set up a complete brand identity for 3GProxy.

One that speaks to their targetted audience and helps them stand out in their field of work.

What we did

Website development

By researching the targeted market and potential clients, using the style guides we previously set up for 3GProxy brand, we have developed a complete website – front end and back end of the web platform.

Our priority in developing the platform was making sure it as simple as possible, while covering all the important assets their potential clients would require.

Front end is clear and straightforward. It explains what 3GProxy does and stands for, in clear, separate sections, providing the visitor with the right amount of information while not making them feel overwhelmed. Large, visible, call to action buttons make it easy for the visitor to become a client in just a couple of clicks.

Back end is developed with the client in mind. We got rid of all the unnecessary distractions and created an interface that is incredibly intuitive and makes using the platform simply a breeze.

What we did

App UI / UX design

We did research, planning, design, development and testing and created an awesome looking app that brings all of 3GProxy features to mobile devices.

The app is intuitive, fast, visually appealing and most importantly – easy to use.

Login screen

Overview screen

New reservation screen

Successful reservation screen

Browsing screen

Messages screen

New message screen

View messages screen

Message compose screen

Number dial screen

Call log screen

Dialling screen

My reservations screen

Settings screen

New message notification

Active reservation notification

Expired reservation notification

What we did

Print design

Along with the web and app design, we also created a wide range of designs for printed material that’s being used for brand promotions and marketing campaigns which are also created and developed by CleverBoxMedia.

What we did

Video ads

We designed motion graphics and animations to create video ads used for promoting the brand and explaining what 3GProxy does and stands for.