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Creative and innovative, one stop media agency

Where idea, design, strategy and marketing come together to create and implement a perfect solution for you and your company.


We start by analyzing and researching your company, field of operation, targeted audience and competition in order to set goals, targets and objectives that will define your future plans and shape your strategy.


We love seeing beautiful designs.

We love creating beautiful designs even more.

What we love the most is creating beautiful designs that work!

Research. Conceptualization. Execution. You can leave it all to us and rest assured we will come up with a design you will be proud of and your clients will love.


We will help you reach out to your targetted market and grow your client base through speciallized channels and carefully created marketing strategies.

What good is a great product if no one knows about it?

We have a team of veteran marketing specialists that are ready to make you known.

At Clever Box Media, we believe that no client or project is too small or too large.

We approach every project with the same passion and commitment determined to help you achieve your goals.

We are great at what we do!

And we are passionate about our work



Strategic Planning
Field Research
Competition Analysis
Brand Strategy




Identity Branding
Web Design
Print Design




Social Media
Media Buying
Lead Generation


Our process

We take our process seriously. From start to finish, we are here to guide the way










They have been extremely easy to work with. They listened to our ideas and requests and than provided their expert opinion and suggestions. They are organized and friendly and have an in depth knowledge, which becomes apparent as soon as you start working with them.

Sandra C. Ortiz

CEO, Lee Wards

After about two months together, we made more progress than our previous agency had in a year. This growth in performance, after such a short period, has exceded our expectations and really speak for themselves.

George N. Cox

CEO, Acuserv

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